My Parents' Influence on My Personality

Ya Take the Good, Ya Take the Bad…

Mom & Dad

Well…I like to think I'm a bit of a hybrid vehicle. I think I get my spunk and sensitivity from good ol' Mom, and my common sense and level head from my Dad. My sense of humor is part goofy (Mom), part clever (Dad). That said, I can be flighty in my "zoning out" moments (Mom) and randomly impatient over the most mundane things (Dad). I say randomly because I am generally very patient with the people in my life or when it comes to situations out of my own control (traffic, waiting in lines, etc). But if the clutter that is the kitchen, bathroom and living room starts to feel like the walls are caving in, I fold…and freak. Go figure.

The people in the photo are not my parents. My folks are way cooler.

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