If I Had the World’s Attention for Two Minutes


I hate to shoot for the cliche, but I couldn’t help myself but first go for a “give peace a chance” approach. After a good 15 to 20 seconds of anti-war and greed ranting… I’d ask people to stop having children. Well, not everyone. You get the green light if you’re totally dedicated to making this world a better place for them, and then teaching those children to carry out that same mission. It’s not a lot to ask. It’s a big, bad world and we can’t just give everyone a green card to just, um, sit there. Be it holding someone’s hand in need or just saying hello to strangers walking down the street, baby steps lead to bigger footprints. I’d tell everyone that each of them matter in this world, and they each have a gift to give. I’d tell them things I need to remind myself like put down the Kardashian and pick up a book. Kiss your nearest and dearest often, say you love them at least daily and walk the walk–show them your affection and gratitude in your actions. I’d say look up from the Blackberry/iPhone/laptop/TV and talk to someone. Interact. Humanly. Take the earbuds out of your ears and don’t just hear someone. Listen. Think. Appreciate. React. Think with your head and respond with all your heart. Challenge your own ideas often. Be wrong (it’s okay!). Try something new. Laugh at yourself. Indulge. Forgive yourself. Move on. Respect yourself so you can give more to others. Look beyond the borders of your comfort zone. Stop living in a bubble and care about what’s going on around you. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Sunscreen, yes. Being mean, no. And yes, it is how you play the game. There’s truth in cliche. Hear these words, people. Go forth and…lather, rinse, repeat.

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